New Digital Services

Peer support services have been a part of Nottinghamshire Mind for many years now and provide a platform for individuals to share experiences and build support networks, this has proven to improve emotional health, wellbeing and a sense of belonging for both those who deliver and receive support.

Through the current pandemic we’ve encouraged members old and new to take part in our ever growing platform or digital services, empowering some to try something new for the very first time.

At present we offer app based peer support sessions daily Monday to Thursday.

You’ll have the opportunity to feel part of a community, share experiences, feelings and thoughts and build friendships, all of which will promote and support you to maintain positive wellbeing.

Our use of the GroupMe app allows our recovery coaches to promote ideas and approaches that may be helpful to you, such as relaxation tips, exercises, talking therapies and near crisis planning. We also use these session to provide creativity and fun with our Quiz – keeping the brain active 😊, Photography sessions – sharing snaps to brighten your day ….. and much more.

Our Information sessions can also take place digitally on a 1-1 basis should you require a little more support, sessions take place over zoom and allow you the chance to see and communicate with one of our recovery coaches.

Sessions are 30 minute and you don’t need to have your camera switched on but you’ll be able to see our recovery coach, we feel this helps build a better relationship for the client.

If you are interested in any of the services above please contact one of our recovery coaches ..

Marie Smith – Mansfield and Ashfield   07852 451959

Christy Worthington – Broxtowe  07843 597876

Sarah Carter – Bassetlaw  07398 073844

If the recovery coaches are unable to take your call just leave a short message and they will get back to you.