Our counsellors are here to assist during difficult periods and transitions in your life

At Nottinghamshire Mind we aim to provide you with a counselling experience that will support you to understand your psychological and emotional well being and to find ways of coping.

Please note that, unfortunately, due to demand, we sometimes have to close our waiting lists for one or more of the counselling services that we run. If you are interested in receiving counselling and our waiting list is closed, please speak to your GP about alternative options.

We provide a highly professional and ethical counselling and psychotherapy service. Our therapists have all received thorough recognised training and all abide by the Ethical Framework of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). This ensures that the service we provide is safe, ethical and confidential.  Our therapists are trainees, who volunteer for Nottinghamshire Mind.

You can find more information on the BACP website about their Ethical Framework.

What can therapy help with?

Therapy can help you manage and cope with:

    • Difficult life events, such as bereavement (losing someone close to you), or losing your job.
    • Relationship problems.
    • Upsetting or traumatic experiences, whether it’s something recent or something that happened a long time ago.
    • Difficult emotions, such as grief, guilt, sadness, confusion, anger and low self-esteem.
    • Depression and anxiety.
    • Other mental health problems. Talking therapies can help with a range of diagnoses, and specific talking treatments have been developed for some mental health problems.
    • Long-term physical health problems.

Some people think that therapy is an extreme option, and that unless things get really bad you should try to manage on your own. But this isn’t true. It’s ok to try therapy at any point in your life, whatever your background.

In fact getting support from a therapist when you’re not at crisis point can be really helpful – it might feel easier to reflect on what’s going on, and could help you keep things from getting worse.

“Sometimes it’s hard to talk to family and friends and you just need that one person who takes the time to listen.”

“For me, counselling was a lifesaver. I never used to talk to anyone. For years, I would keep things bottled up and then cry hysterically on my own as to not inconvenience anyone. I would hide it so I wouldn’t have to confront my thoughts and fears.”

Access to Service

Our service is available across the county using digital platforms and telephone. Face to face sessions are available in Mansfield and Worksop. Daytime, evening and weekend appointments are available to suit your needs.

We can work with clients aged 18 and over through self-referral, a GP referral or through other agencies that support you.


In a telephone conversation, our coordinator will ask you about your personal circumstances and what is causing you concern. This will help determine if our service is right for you.

At the assessment, you will be asked about your current situation, past experiences, a brief medical history and how you hope to benefit from counselling. If we cannot provide the correct help for you at this time we will do our best to find alternative support.

After the assessment, you will be placed on our waiting list.


£1250per session *if in receipt of means tested benefits*


£2000per session *concession maybe applied for lower income families*

Get in touch

If you would like any further information about our Counselling Service please contact our main office on 0800 470 0203 and speak to our team for more information.

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