Part of our #Well-Community services, Allotted Time gives people a chance to connect with nature in a practical, supported way. There is a growing awareness of the role that nature, and gardening in particular, plays in supporting mental well-being. Spending time outdoors, nurturing plants and contemplating nature can make people feel calmer and more hopeful.
We are seeking a volunteer to take on the role of overseeing the Allotment needs, ensuring it is tended regularly and to support clients and volunteers whilst they are working at the allotment.
Based at: Claylands Allotment Community Garden (Worksop)

If you want to apply for this role but are worried about filling in the application form, or any other part of the recruitment process, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator – or 07458 306908
Applications will be reviewed as they are received and we reserve the right to close the advert at any time.

Allotted Time